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Inspire Room

Combine with Virtual Attendees

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The Inspire room can accommodate up to 150 (~70 SD) people theatre or 100 (~50 SD) cabaret style. The room offers sweeping views of Coventry city centre with natural light in abundance.

Inspire can be divided into two soundproof interconnecting rooms each having their own installed projector and screen and fully air conditioned. In split configuration Inspire 1 seats 120 and Inspire 2 up to 30 in theatre style. Or why not use Inspire 2 for your break-out space? The room boasts two high powered ceiling mounted projectors (City facing or inward facing) and in room speakers. 

Named with intention, 'inspire' means: '[to] fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative'. This is exactly what our Inspire room was built to do - facilitate the ability to do something creative.

Whether that is during a team-away day, an information session, training day or a small awards afternoon - the sweeping views of the city, combined with abundant natural light, are sure to bring inspiration to any meeting you have

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