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Hybrid Meetings

Onsite Face-to-Face combined with Online Video Conferencing 

A complete managed service

From one to one hundred online participants



Hybrid Meetings

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There is great benefit in face-to-face team meetings, but so too in on-line video conferencing. At the Welcome Centre you can combine both, particularly important in a post COVID-19 environment where vulnerable groups may have to continue to self-isolate.

The Welcome Centre offers a Hybrid Meeting solution to clients, combining our on-site meeting rooms and facilities with online-conference platforms.


If you have an existing platform (Teams, WebEx, Zoom etc), just plug into our existing high bandwidth infrastructure and go!


If this is new to you, we offer a full managed service (we connect you to your remote delegates), leveraging our onsite technical support and high speed infrastructure.

Please call a member of the team for more information.

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